by Doug Bradley

On November 11, 1971, I nestled in my “Freedom Bird” headed to San Francisco and “the World” as we called the USA, the country that had sent me to the war in Vietnam 365 days earlier. For the first time in nearly two years, nobody was giving…

Credit: Steve Wilson/Pixabay

by Doug Bradley

My GI journal of April 30, 1971 has this entry: Operation “Caroline Hill,” the name reminiscent of a sorority girl I once dated in college, was launched today by the 196th Light Infantry Brigade west and south of Da Nang. No doubt we’ll be running stories about…

By Doug Bradley

My World War II father and I are celebrating military anniversaries this Veterans Day. If he hadn’t passed away in 2009 at the age of 89, my dad Jack Bradley would be commemorating the 75th anniversary of his return from Japan in 1945 where he’d served as part of the…

by John M. Del Vecchio

“What if? What if I fix your foundation?”

A story of the 1990s to be released by Warriors Publishing Group September 2020.

Rocco, Il Padrone in the old sense, Papa, Grandpa: For decades he has protected the family, has focused on keeping the family’s foundation…

By Doug Bradley

A 1960s Georgetown University student, grappling with his Vietnam decision, befriends the daughter of the then president of the Philippines as they consider the murderer at their door; two Iraq female combatants play a mystifying contest of “which part is true?” regarding their harrowing tours of duty…

By Doug Bradley

Just before the pandemic dislocated our lives, my wife and I were in Phoenix, Arizona visiting our son and daughter-in-law. Their big news at the time was the purchase of a new home, situated near the bottom of Piestewa Peak, the second highest point in the Phoenix…

by Dale A. Dye

Excerpted from Dale Dye’s latest adventure in the award-winning Shake Davis series.


Her phone buzzed, dancing across the nightstand as Chan Dwyer Davis rushed around her dorm room picking up the papers and purse contents that she’d need for another day on the platform at Chengchi…

by Dale A. Dye

On the publication of Delta File, the ninth adventure in Dale Dye’s award-winning Shake Davis series, the author reflects on the process.

At the Mark Twain Museum in Hannibal, Missouri

Since I was a little lost 12-year-old striving to outshine my military school peers, I have been an avid and voracious reader. Just to…

Warriors Publishing Group

Providing the best in military fiction and nonfiction books; entertainment and insight into the missions, motivations, and mentality of the military mind.

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